Freemasons' Secrets

Who really are the Freemasons? What are the Freemason's secrets does anyone one really know for sure anymore. Do even the Freemasons know of their own secrets any longer?


Freemason Secrets

Some of them do, but the vast majority of them most certainly do not. Each individual mason might indeed answer the question of there beginnings with two entirely different answer's. One might say that they began in the year 1717. Another might answer the same question saying that the heritage reaches as far back to the first temple of Solomon in ancient Israel.


 Many of them don't even understand the connection between the York Rite and Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. Two different branches of Freemasonry that branches out of the basic Master Mason Lodge that all Freemasons belong to, and can join ether or both of the those branches.


The secrets them selves are vast and deep. There literally are so many of them that no one could sit down in one sitting and possibly document them one after another. But let's take one for now. When a man is able to pass through the first two degrees which are called the intered apprentice and the fellow craft degrees. He is then raised to the sublime degree of Master Mason.


Freemason Secrets

 It's with these three degree's that we will look at. When a man is prepared to take these three degree's each time he is dressed in a certain outfit. The outfit is white and short on him and also leaves the chest and legs bare.


 This outfit is called a rough smock and it was worn by medieval heretics. At least that's what the church of the time called them. Heretics most of the time  were learned men of art, science, astrology, alchemy and astronomy that were all frowned upon at the time. Even the great astronomer Galileo was on three different occasions brought before the Pope and had to apologize to him and denounce what he has done in order to save his own life.


As you can see the things that are said and ask about the Freemasons secrets have a far reaching and very important lesson and contrivances even with the most simple of them.


To learn even more and to uncover some of the most fascinating ones go to


Freemason Secrets


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